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COPS Anonymous Podcast

Feb 16, 2022

The observations made by a kindergarten teacher brings to light the sexual abuse of a five-year-old girl and a female officer fights to save the girl from the shadows.

Jan 23, 2022

After an officer responds to a call where a 14-year-old girl has taken her own life, she has to cope with the aftermath. How do we compartmentalize dealing with suicides professionally and how does it relate to our personal principles?

Dec 22, 2021

Ralph Friedman is the most decorated Detective in NYPD history with over 2,000 arrests, the man is a true Street Warrior. In this episode, we'll discuss his experiences, his outlook and his methods for self-care both physical and mental.

Mar 24, 2021

When an eyewitness calls 911 because they saw someone fall off a roof, the responding officer thinks "maybe he got up and walked away". Soon, he makes the most shocking discovery of his career. Find out what he learned on this call that changed his outlook on life forever.

Mar 4, 2021

Kyle is a military veteran currently a detective with the gang unit in one of the most dangerous cities in southeast Florida.  His personal experience with PTSD and suicidal thoughts led him to become an advocate for suicide awareness amongst his fellow officers and other first responders. In this episode, you’ll hear...