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COPS Anonymous Podcast

Sep 20, 2020

Laura Frizzo and Jeremy Ogden are cops who have dealt with work related PTSD and know what has helped them heal over the years. Through the podcast, they provide help to others; by sharing stories that others can relate to and by offering resources for follow-up to those who need it. They are joined by Greg Young, a trained crisis response officer specializing in law enforcement. He offers solutions and concepts for members of the law enforcement community to live healthier lives.

Each episode is a story shared by cops and submitted to listeners to provide understanding of the impact these incidents have on the police officers in both their professional and personal lives.  Issues are discussed by the hosts and broken down and each episode includes recommendations for the storyteller and listeners who can relate to the story.

Cops can write or call in anonymously to share their stories at

or call (888) 239-5991 and leave a message

No personal information will be collected, stored or shared.

For more information, visit our website:

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